Maximizing Condo Space

5 Tips To Maximize Space In Your Condo

Posted on 5 Jun 2017 by

Space is a valuable commodity in just about every type of home out there. However, condos tend to trade in convenience for the space that you would find in a more traditional house, and therefore maximizing space is especially a priority in condos. The following tips, however, will discuss the ways in which you can maximize space for a more functional condo.

  1. Multi-Purpose FurnitureYour choice of furniture becomes about much more than colour when living in a condo. Furniture plays a very important role in terms of maximizing space. That means that it must be highly functional and/or multi-purpose. By this, we mean furniture that creates additional opportunities for storage, such as a coffee table with built in storage or a murphy/wall bed. In short, look for highly functional furniture.
  2. Trade in Bulky Furniture for More Smart SolutionsNot only should all necessary furniture be dual purpose if you are truly serious about maximizing space, but additional space can also be saved by trading in bulky pieces of furniture for smarter alternatives. One such example is replacing your night stand with a shelf. This same idea can be used throughout the entire house. For example, you could even replace your desk with an extended shelf.
  3. Utilize Wall SpaceA lot of people fail to maximize their wall space. Entire cubboards can be added to your walls for additional storage opportunities, freeing up a lot of space on the floor. From shelves to cabinets, make use your wall space! Open shelving also happens to be very popular at the moment and works beautifully in many rooms of the home, especially the kitchen. Custom built-in units such as built in TV stands are also great ways to utilize your wall space.
  4. Scout Out Hidden Spaces in Your HomeAnother prime storage opportunity comes in many unsuspecting places. From the tops of your kitchen cabinets to underneath your beds and couches, you would be surprised by how many storage opportunities you actually have in your home – you just haven’t realized it yet.
  5. Consider Custom CabinetsYou might want to also consider custom shelving for your condo, whether for your kitchen or by adding a murphy bed to your home. Ready-made cabinets are meant to fit into any type of space. Custom cabinetry, however, is specifically designed to maximize space in your specific time, taking into account all of those nooks and crannies. As such, it opens up a lot more storage possibilities. Custom cabinetry also increases the value of your home.

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