Unexpected Storage Places

6 Places In Your Home You Never Thought Could Be Used For Storage

Posted on 4 Oct 2017 by

Extra space is something we never quite have enough of. While you have likely thought of the more common storage options in your home—cabinets, closets, etc.—here are six unexpected storage solutions that can open up more space in your home that you may not have considered.

  1. On the Walls

    We’ve said it before, but it never hurts to say it again. Wall space is such an underutilized storage space in homes, and it is available in every room. Whether you need more storage options in your bedroom, your office, your living room, or your kitchen, using wall space is one of the best options for opening up space in your home.

  2. Under Your Bed

    Have you considered storing items under your bed? Simply put all of your items in thin plastic containers and slide them under your bed. This is a great place for storing seasonal clothing and extra bed linens.

  3. Behind the Couch

    If your couch is currently pushed against a wall, consider pulling it slightly out from the wall. Not only will this make the room feel more cozy, but it also allows you to add a console table behind your couch and offer more storage space (assuming, of course, that you choose a console with built-in storage).

  4. Under the Coffee Table

    Some coffee tables already come with a shelf underneath them, in which case you are probably already putting this space to use. But for those with a coffee table that doesn’t have a shelf underneath, consider placing decorative boxes underneath your coffee table and using these as a storage solution. Another option is to stack books and/or magazines under the table. Since this storage space will be on display, the key is to keep it looking organized.

  5. Above Your Doors

    For those who just need a little extra storage, consider placing a floating shelf above a few of the doorways in your home. This is a great option for storing decorative pieces and books. For example, you could place a floating shelf above the doorway in the kitchen and use it to store your cookbooks.

  6. Under Your Oven

    If your oven has a storage drawer underneath it (and not a warming drawer), this is another storage option in your kitchen that can be used for pots, cookie sheets, and any other kitchen-related items.

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