Wine Cellar Building Tips

Building A Wine Cellar? Keep These Tips In Mind

Posted on 24 Jul 2017 by

Wine cellars are a trend that continues to grow in popularity, and it is not difficult to see why! Whether your home is large or small, you can carve out a space in your home for your wine collection. Here are some tips to help you along the way.

  • Location Is Paramount
    A common question that often gets asked is whether a wine cellar can be added to any area of the house. The answer is yes, but a cooler location is the most ideal spot in terms of maintenance costs over time, particularly when it comes to cooling.In general, you want to look for an area of your home that doesn’t get any sunlight. A wine cellar should have a temperature of around 12C degrees or within 3 or 4 degrees of this. Humidity is also an important consideration in terms of location. The wine cellar needs to have a humidity level of around 57 percent. Basements are a particularly ideal location for a wine cellar.
  • Consider the Size of Your Wine Collection
    If you have a collection of about 200 to 250 bottles, your wine can be housed in a cellar as small as 30 square feet. However, keep in mind that you also need to have an exhaust room that is bigger than the actual cellar itself.
  • Build Thick Walls to Allow for Thicker Insulation
    Building thick walls will allow for thicker insulation, which will facilitate a more controlled environment. Spray foam is the best option.
  • Choose Flooring That Will Stand Up Against Humidity
    Choose your flooring carefully. Avoid carpets and vinyl flooring for wine cellars; carpets will rot, while vinyl flooring can buckle. Options for wine cellars include concrete, porcelain tiles, cork or hardwood. Ensure that you leave a half inch gap around the outside to permit expansion.
  • Choose Your Choice of Lights Wisely
    Chances are you are going to want to keep your lights on a lot of the time to admire the beauty of your wine cellar. However, certain types of lights like normal incandescents and halogen bulbs emit too much heat for a wine cellar. Instead, choose lights that emit little heat. Track lights and LED strip lights are good options here, with the added benefit of showcasing your wine cellar in interesting ways.
  • A Beautiful Display Is Key: Consider Custom Shelving
    Visually speaking, how you choose to display your wine is going to make the most visual impact on your wine cellar overall. Custom shelving is going to give you that intended effect, adding interest via racks and storage and beautiful materials.

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